Valken BY HICAPA CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol – Black + BB Speed loader + 1 kg eco bbs 0.20g + 10 x 12 grams starter kit


Valken BY Hi-Capa Co2 Blowback pistol Combination.


The Valken BY Hi-Capa Co2 Blowback pistol is a solid and dependable gas blowback airsoft pistol at an affordable price. The BY Hicapa Co2 airsoft pistol is a double stack, medium capacity sidearm that has some great external features, including a ported slide to help the slide cycle faster and a lower rail to attach a multitude of accessories. The HiCapa pistol also comes with an aggressive stippling pattern for improved and slip-resistant grip, and a flared magwell to aid in quick reloads. We also recommend the Valken BY HICAPA Co2 Spare Magazine for use with this Valken pistol.

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Weight 10 kg