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Plumbing Smoke Testing

    Did you ever wish you had a rand for every time a customer asked you about an annoying odour on their property? Well, you can get a lot more than a couple of rands

    if you know how to find the source of that odor quickly and professionally. The solution to this problem is smoke testing! Although there are hundreds of sewer and septic service professionals regularly performing plumbing smoke tests, it is surprising how many contractors have yet to discover this quick, inexpensive, and effective test.

    Find Sources of Odor

    Anywhere a smell can go, the smoke will go too. In minutes a plumbing smoke test will reveal sources and causes of odor that might take days to find any other way.

    Find Plumbing Faults

    Plumbing smoke tests reveal cracked or broken pipes, leaks, bad connections, improper venting, open pipes or fittings, dry traps, etc.

    Test New Plumbing

    As your primary test, or as a secondary test to locate the leak, a plumbing smoke test is fast and easy.